How Your Motor Insurance Policy Changes After Installation Of LPG/CNG Kit

Fitting LPG/CNG in your car? You need RTO permission and insurance company  endorsement

Motor insurance policies are essential for vehicle owners to protect themselves financially against unforeseen circumstances. However, it’s crucial to understand that certain modifications to your vehicle can affect your vehicle insurance coverage. One such change is installing an LPG/CNG kit, which alters the car’s fuel system. This article will explore how installing an LPG/CNG kit can change your motor insurance policy and what aspects should be considered to ensure adequate coverage and compliance with insurance regulations.

Car owners who wish to save money on rising fuel prices frequently consider installing an LPG or CNG kit in their vehicles. Although there may be a one-time installation cost, this reduces ongoing fuel costs. But it’s important to remember that switching to a different fuel also means a sizable change in the car’s insurance coverage. These are the actions one must take to make those required adjustments. ##

Endorsement In The Vehicle RC

Every time a gasoline or diesel vehicle receives a CNG or LPG kit, the state transport authorities’ registration certificate (RC) must be amended to reflect this. The RTO must receive specific paperwork, including the vehicle owner’s KYC records, an existing RC book, a copy of their insurance policy, an invoice for an LPG or CNG kit, and copies of their insurance and insurance policy. The application and the RC book will be approved after the authorities have reviewed the car and the paperwork.

Endorsement Insurance Policy

The next part is to apply for an endorsement from the vehicle insurance provider who insures the vehicle. In this instance, the application needs to be submitted with self-attested documents like an endorsed RC book and an LPG/CNG kit invoice. Following thorough document verification, the insurance provider will make the required endorsement and provide the vehicle owner with the endorsed insurance policy.

Noteworthy Points

Installing a CNG kit that has received government approval is advised.

Ensuring quality and safety will also ensure that the insurance policy and RC book endorsements can be completed without incident.

The installation of an LPG/CNG kit in your vehicle can have a very important impact on your motor insurance policy. It is vital to inform your insurance provider about this modification to ensure that you have adequate coverage and comply with the terms and conditions of your policy. Failure to disclose the installation of an LPG/CNG kit may result in denying a claim or even cancelling your insurance policy. By understanding the implications, seeking guidance from your insurer, and making the necessary adjustments to your policy, you can make sure that you are adequately protected and compliant with the regulations. Remember to review your motor insurance policy periodically to keep updated with any modifications you make to your vehicle.

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